"The Wave"

Triangular relationship

The chance to ride “The Wave” at the 2017 Frost Festival in Copenhagen/DK.

"The Wave" was one of the interactive installations staged at the 2017 edition of the festival earlier this year. The response of the visitors to the light art work, which was located at the end of the pier in a public space by the name of "Ofelia Plads", a popular open-air venue next to the Royal Danish playhouse and with a view onto the harbour, underscored the success of the light and sound installation, which caused quite a sensation. “The Wave” was again an installation that invited visitors to walk through it and influence its appearance. Not a series of loops this time, or a closed tunnel, but a row of triangular gates equipped with sensors formed the temporary structure and rendered it an experience of a very different kind. The inner surfaces of the supporting legs of the triangles emitted pulsating light into the fascinating walkway, the colour and rhythm of the changing light responding to the movements and sounds of the people walking through. Sound designers added a further layer of delight to the visual experience through accompanying programmed music and sound sequences. And the lighting was designed to reflect the atmosphere generated by the sound effects.
"The Wave" offered a radiant, alluring, inviting, silence-breaking and interactive contrast to the otherwise dark Scandinavian winter months. A contrast that was only possible thanks to the triangular relationship between light, sound and people. And all those who did not opt to ride this particular wave at least managed to take a few memorable photos.

Design: Vertigo
Sound design: Peter Albrechtsen, We Like We, Solbrud, Rune Rask (Suspekt)