Building a connection

Building a connection with reflection

Flynn Talbot’s “Reflection Room” as part of the London Design Festival in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London/UK

The “Reflection Room” installation in Room 110 in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London/UK on the occasion of the London Design Festival aimed at achieving a highly artistic effect. The goal of designer Flynn Talbot when creating his art works is to generate new experiences using

light that builds a connection between people and place. The Prince Consort Gallery is a long, high space and features wood panelling along the walls and an elaborate architectural ceiling structure. Custom made stretch membrane Barrisol panels in gloss black were placed along the side walls, and around blue and orange luminous columns at each end of the hall. The idea of creating the impression of futuristic textile by weaving LED profiles into the panels in fact pays homage to the history of the room, which previously housed over 30,000 textile samples.

The juxtaposition of the orange and blue light created a warm and powerfully enchanting luminous presence that was reflected throughout the space. The generally dark feel of the hall was thus harmoniously complemented by both dramatic and abstract aspects. Depending on where the visitor stood and his/her angle of view, s/he became an integral part of the artistically designed light and space experience.

Commissioned by: London Design Festival

Design: Flynn Talbot