Modular Lightpad luminaire

Thinking in terms of desks

The modular Lightpad luminaire with perfectly engineered double asymmetric light distribution.

Slimline luminaires that feature intelligent thermal management are already on the market today – and will be in future. But Regent has taken this a step further. The focus remains on the needs of the architects, lighting designers and office staff, but also on the changing requirements for suitable lighting solutions as a result of modern office concepts such as open-plan offices and desk sharing. As a consequence Regent got their heads together with the architects’ firm Schneider+Schumacher and developed the Lightpad free-standing luminaire which, thanks to its modular design, can be aligned to suit a wide range of desk configurations. Lightpad features a choice of luminaire heads with three different light distributions to provide the optimum beam coverage for single to four-person workstations, and all can be mounted on one high-quality stand. It is also worth taking a look inside the luminaire heads. The LEDs are carefully arranged to achieve optimum results: the compact, three-layer laminated sandwich structure guarantees first-class lighting while ensuring minimum height. Different light distributions are possible – including perfect double asymmetric light distribution – depending on the position of the luminaire in relation to the desk. At first glance Lightpad comes across as simply being a beautifully designed free-standing luminaire. But when you take a closer look, it becomes clear that this free-standing luminaire is a technological miracle and made for the future. Lighting controls and control gear – the electronic equipment is concealed within the shapely stand. With Lightpad, Regent and Schneider+Schumacher have succeeded in designing a modular free-standing luminaire with just one stand, which not only meets the requirements for office lighting but guarantees excellent lighting conditions for flexible workstations..


  • double asymmetric light distribution ensures uniform, shadow-free illumination of the workplace
  • ultra-slim housing design of just 19 mm
  • up to 4 luminaire heads can be mounted on one stand, minimising the visual impact in the space
  • smart lighting technologies:
    • communication module ALONE at WORK®
    • SensoDim® 3 presence detector and daylight sensor in each of the luminaire heads
    • designed for connection to Light Hub
  • luminous efficacy of up to 118 lm/W
  • suitable for office lighting (UGR < 19; Lmax ≥ 65° ≤ 3000 cd / m²)
  • Design: schneider+schumacher, Frankfurt am Main