The right cut

Design is often a question of the right cut. Tile and Line from Cooledge.

Cooledge Lighting Inc. are dedicated to demonstrating the aesthetic flexibility of luminous surfaces in a variety of architectural spaces, from museums to hotels to bars, retail stores and office spaces. Freeing light from the constraints of fixtures, luminous walls and ceilings provide greater versatility in design – to create customisable interiors and distinguish brands or maximise store footprint by coupling light with architecture.

Cooledge surfaces build upon the company’s market-leading Tile and Line products. The ultra-thin LED systems conform to curved architecture and are extremely easy to mount – at distances as little as two inches (five centimetres) or less from a diffusion material. These proprietary LED systems can be cut, shaped and combined with diverse materials ranging from fabrics and acrylics to resins and translucent stone. Leveraging expertise gained through thousands of installations, Cooledge has acquired a unique understanding of how to illuminate these materials to achieve the desired lighting effect. This includes detailed knowledge of material diffusion, light transmission and colour rendering.

The installation realised for 3.1 Phillip Lim exemplifies the growing trend towards luminous surfaces for general illumination in retail settings, where quality of light is paramount yet conventional fixtures can be too obtrusive. To achieve the desired effect, Cooledge Tile was paired with a framed stretch fabric diffuser, creating a fully luminous ceiling that is the store’s primary source of ambient light. A dramatic floor-to- ceiling mirror reflects the light and creates the illusion of more expansive space, acting as both a trompe-l’oeil and a functional partition to the boutique’s dressing rooms. The result is a bright, open and immersive space where only the shopper and the retailer’s collection take centre stage.