Effective light from above: a new spotlight for aisles and traffic areas in the retail sector.

The spotlight – officially presented for the first time at the Euroshop fair in Düsseldorf on a dedicated stand – is designed for lighting shelving systems, product displays and aisles and traffic areas in retail spaces. "Squadro" can be recess mounted in the ceiling or track-mounted. Different versions are available that emit light from one or both sides for flexibility in application. The wall spots and wall washers are equipped with two or four sourced lighting modules. The modules can be easily adjusted to align with any aisle width or different ceiling heights. Once focussed, they can be locked in five settings from plus ten to minus ten degrees.

Product development always involves perfecting the quality of the product. In the case of "Squadro", XAL and Bartenbach have met this challenge extremely well. The specially developed, facetted free-form surface reflectors enable ultraprecise control of the beam angle. Shelving systems and aisle zones can be illuminated to an optimum. The spotlight has an efficiency rating of 90 per cent, and thanks to the scoop-like form of the reflectors and the secondary reflector technology applied attains excellent anti-glare values, guaranteeing visual comfort for both customers and staff. The spotlight features optimised thermal management and boasts a luminous efficacy of 120lm/W. The heat sink that handles the passive cooling of the energy-efficient, high CRI LEDs is integrated into the luminaire geometry. Both the recessed ceiling and the track-mounted version of "Squadro" feature a housing made of die-cast aluminium, powder- coated in white or black. The luminaire is available in the colour temperatures 3000K, 3500K and 4000K, and can be supplied with DALI dimming, if requested.

All highly advanced features, which together make "Squadro" an effective innovation for lighting aisles in a wide variety of retail spaces.