Luminous surfaces redefined

Carpetlight – flexible light of the next generation.

Lighting design is, however, not merely a case of creating a beautiful, aesthetic impression, or an expression of well-founded scientific know- how. It is nothing less than a cultural achievement, founded on the spirit of inventiveness, the will to be innovative, and an awareness of problematic issues. In this regard LED technology and the opportunities this offers is a true sign of the times.

Carpetlight can definitely be understood as an example of an innovative and future-oriented application. Based on the sustainable combination of high-quality LED technology and electronic, intelligent textile made of polyamide fibres, the technological concept developed by Carpetlight GmbH from Hamburg is a flexible hybrid solution featuring excellent lighting qualities.

Thanks to its wireless structure and ultrathin construction, the "luminous cloth" maintains all the mechanical advantages of the textile substrate. Carpetlight can be folded, rolled, creased or crumpled without causing any damage or wear to the textile or electronic components. And the technical properties of this unique luminaire really make it a world-first. Carpetlight technology not only enables perfectly uniform light distribution and stable colour rendering, but is also absolutely flicker-free and can be continuously adjusted in brightness from 0.5 through 100 per cent. Control and the possibility to dynamically adjust the colour temperature can be handled using specially developed software, meaning that the luminaire can be adjusted to align with daylight conditions or existing artificial lighting systems, or a combination of both. Given that it does not require a lot of space to be installed, it makes for an ideal solution for decorative or architectural lighting purposes.

Carpetlight exploits the potential of the combined technologies to the full. It is designed to be flexible and versatile in form and size, and can be operated intuitively. This, coupled with its intelligent thermal management, increases user comfort and safety.

With Carpetlight technology, designers now have a material at their disposal that takes the meaning of light as a creative tool to the next stage.


Size: flexible and versatile in form and size
Design: triple-layered structure (basic configuration) at a material thickness of 10 mm Weight: 20g – 2000g per m2
Operating voltage: 6 V – 48 V
Colour rendering (CRI): 95 Ra (5600 K) / 97 Ra (2800 K)
Brightness control: continuously dimmable from 0,5% to 100% Operating temperature range: -20°C–+80°C
Thermal management: Passive cooling system Safety: certified by TÜV Nord