Araya 5 Logic Module

Electric Sunlight

A LED light engine from Lumenetix that replicates the quality, range and consistency of natural light.

To replicate sunlight, the best approach is high quality LED systems that reverse engineer sunlight by mixing LED colors ­– tunable color. The number of colors in the light source, the channel count, is critical in determining the fullness of the spectrum, the quality of the light, the tuning range, the efficacy of the system and the level of gamut control. Only five-channel systems enable high quality light over a broad range at great efficacy.

However, the higher channel count increases the complexity of the control software because LEDs of different colors react to temperature and aging differently. To ensure that the light from tunable color systems is consistent from fixture to fixture, a closed loop feedback system is necessary to regulate thermal and age related variations in LED lumen output.

From Lumenetix, the Araya5 Logic Module (ALM) couples to round and linear tunable five color arrays. It uses thermal and optical feedback from the arrays to control color consistency. The dimensions are 4 x 1.2 x 0.6 inch.


To enable effortless control, the ALM includes 0-10V, BlueTooth LE and DMX connectivity on board. Removing the lid reveals an expansion port for optional connectivity. "Daughter cards" can be added to broaden the connectivity platform – Lutron, Dali, Wi-Fi (for Apple Home Kit compatibility) Power over Ethernet, PowerLine Communication, WattStopper, etcetera.

The ALM can control linear tunable five color arrays (two boards connected to each other as shown) that deliver between 1000 and 1500 lumens per foot. One ALM can run up to eight feet of linear arrays.

These arrays deliver stunning photometrics: CRI of 90+ over the 1650 Kelvin (candlelight) to 8000 Kelvin (mid-afternoon sun) tuning range at <2 MacAdam Ellipse color consistency.

The ALM can also control round tunable color arrays for downlights. These deliver the same superior photometrics as the linear boards with lumen output at 1500, 2000, 3000 and 5000 lumens. The diameters of the modules are 40 to 60 millimeter.

Why design with Lumenetix Araya5? Four essential reasons:

The next stage of innovation in solid state lighting is delivering quality, functionality and connectivity. Araya5 enables the highest quality of tunable light over the broadest tuning range and the ability to add saturation and hue levels of specific colors (quality and functionality); simplified by onboard 0-10V, Bluetooth and DMX with easy addition of optional controls such as Lutron, Wi-Fi, PoE, PowerLine communications (connectivity).

Going forward, every fixture in the Internet of Things will be smart. To do that, you need to have control in the fixture. But there is more - the controller must have a direct path to the light engine and the light engine must send feedback to the controller. Two-way communications are necessary. This system does that. Araya5 is light and control forward compatible to the Internet of Things.

Fixture topology – Araya5 removes the commodity elements of lighting (power supplies and LEDs) allowing fixture manufacturers to procure an inexpensive power supply that converts line voltage to DC and if desired, build the LED arrays from a Lumenetix license. Double mark-ups are avoided.

The cost of the ALM + tunable color linear arrays approaches the tipping point where tunable color can compete with high quality fixed white. The small cost premium justifies the added benefits – highest quality tunable color, on-board controls, connectivity and the capability of electric light to emulate the range, beauty and consistency of natural sunlight. This is light that is light years ahead.