As elegant as a super model

Armonia takes the stage and performs to an optimum.

Armonia is the new super model from DGA.
A slender, versatile modular lighting solution featuring both diffuse and accent lighting components for substantially more effective and precise exhibition and display lighting. As is the case with real-life models, its job is to lend its body to the presentation of the audience’s focus of attention. And it works thanks to its high degree of flexibility.

Armonia is designed to house – optionally or alternatively – an LED strip for diffuse lighting and individual LEDs for accent lighting. The combination of these two lighting components provides the opportunity to achieve a balanced lighting effect for foreground and background lighting: while the product or exhibit on display can be purposefully illuminated and thus highlighted, the surrounding area is softly lit to set the scene. Given that the components are contained within separate, individually configurable modules, it is possible to create a wide range of different lighting solutions: diffuse light across the entire area, light focussed on the product in centre stage with diffuse lighting in the background, or a centrally aligned, scenic concept specifically intended to focus on the item on display.

The Armonia system aligns itself to any task it is required to fulfil just as a fashion model will adjust to displaying and showing off clothing to a target audience. Armonia can be configured to deliver the lighting and beam spread required to render the colour and visual impression of the object on display – using either the dainty, highly flexible modular profiles to create a stand-up frame, or the pendant version, which features brackets that are available in different degrees of inclination. The lens optics for the accent lighting are available in four different beam angles and can be combined as required; the diffusor is flush-mounted into the housing, delivering a continuous, uninterrupted line of light. All modules can be rotated individually, thus allowing the lighting to be set at precisely the right angle required.

As a dynamic and highly effective lighting system, Armonia is quite clearly the model on the catwalk. And yet it performs its task with the utmost discretion, not showcasing itself but only the object on display or exhibit.