The Infection
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Regaining a natural balance

A healing living space in times of stress- "The Infection", Altamura/IT

It may indeed turn out that life on the surface of our planet will become difficult or not possible at all. There are many reasons why this might happen – an epidemic plague, a nuclear war or accident, severe natural disasters, climate change or a major impact event, such as a comet colliding with the earth. Hollywood films paint dramatic pictures of life after such incidents. Right now the architects from GG-loop in Amsterdam/NL are working on a project under the name of "The Infection" – in preparation for the end of time and life thereafter. The project comprises the renovation of an over 60-year-old two-storey house in Milan/IT, which the designers have transformed into an unusual mass of cells.

When mankind has been struck by fate, and the life and health of people on earth is under threat, we need a place like this to retreat to in order to revive and regain their natural balance. Similar to the cells in a human body, the different spaces inside "The Infection" comprise a series of apparently random cell walls that not least due to warm, diffuse and atmospheric light create a purist atmosphere of calm and healing, to a certain extent resembling growing plants. Wounds begin to heal, regeneration kicks in, and the patients, or sufferers, become more aware of themselves and their state of health, and consciously embark on the journey to recovery to regain strength and restore the balance of mind and body.

"The Infection" comprises two carefully designed, clean spaces on two levels, which are cutting-edge from a technological point of view and highly efficient from an energy-saving standpoint.  The cells integrated into the walls of the rooms in the 35 square metre apartment radiate an air of positive conviction and at the same time serve as a compact and highly versatile furniture elements.

When people become infected or the world threatens to come to an end, this abode unfolds its future-orientated healing process. Although, if we’re honest, we really hope this will not happen.

Client: Mimmo Cannito Costruzioni
Architects: GG-loop, Mgarba