California Sunshine

"California Sunshine" – entirely legal

Furniture to trick the senses

The blocks are cast in polyester resin and the pigments Andy Martin used to stain the blocks refract light, leaving the viewer’s senses momentarily stunned. This effect is underlined by the name of the product range: "California Sunshine", a synonym for LSD, which is known to give rise to hallucinations, perceptual experiences that occur in the absence of external stimuli.

When exposed to light, the material and colours reflect and refract the light, giving rise to ever-changing colours and patterns. The objects seem to change in appearance, but in fact it is our human senses which are tricked by the play of light and reflections. Our perception changes even while we are contemplating what we are seeing and, as if in a state of intoxication, we lose ourselves in the kaleidoscope of colour and form. The translucent material makes the items of furniture look extremely light, almost as if they are floating. The designer deliberately designed the pieces – each weighing over 100 kilos – so they are not immediately recognisable as a stool, a side table or a coffee table. At the same time, it is this very marriage of aesthetics and function that makes this work so unique – and all entirely legal.

Design: Andy Martin